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Engineer Builds Efficient Home That’s Different – See Why…

Asit Parikh is a real estate agent in Manhattan. His dad is an an engineer and they have been building this house in New Jersey for about 3 years. It has no boiler, no air conditioning system and no water heater but the electric bills average $2-3 a month.

This is the kind of smart technology we need to make as the standard for all construction. How cool is this?

It’s got a built in year round rain water collection system that is heated by solar. This system maintains a fairly constant temperature in the house year round and even has a heating system under the concrete driveway that melts the snow automatically in the winter.

Asit’s dad is the engineer on the project and the patenting process for this technology is in the works. Right now it is a very expensive build at about $250 sq/ft. But what cool engineering.

These two gentlemen should have a seat at the table Рin my opinion Рin all long range planning at both the Dept of Energy and Housing and Urban Development, at a salary (in an advisory and consulting capacity) at least as much as what senators make. This is the type of design and engineering that should be the standard in all multi unit and single family construction.

What do you think?

Hats off to good design, intelligence and excellent engineering.

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