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Future Wealth | Peter Diamandis | Abundance is our future

Provocative Discussion from Ted.com – Peter Diamandis describes why: Abundance is our future

Watch this video for yourself and draw you own conclusions. We’ll have the discussion after the video. It’s about 16 minutes long – if I remember correctly – and worth it. Enjoy… See you on the other side.

Part of the Healthy Wealthy Boomer philosophy is that abundance is the natural state of the Universe. That’s kind of the nature of the Infinite, yes?

What it is about thinking small that is so appealing to such a large group of people?

From our work as facilitators we see this frequently. It ties into the prospect of taking risk and failing. Often we have within us an inherent proclivity to compromise for mediocrity rather than take a big risk and fail miserably. We learn this behavior. Before we learn it, we don’t think of limitations and failure. This was not part of the original operating system that we were born with – we downloaded it from the environment we grew up in – parents, teachers, religion, neighbors, coaches, siblings, being poor, spouses, whatever.

How does this happen?

There is an event, a disappointment, a loss or a trauma – something – that acts like the tipping point. This “straw that broke the camel’s back” locks that dysfunctional way of thinking into our life energy and system of consciousness. From that point on it functions like a software bug until we clear out the bug.

It’s piece of bad code pure and simple. It’s not part of who we really are and never was.

In Diamandis’ talk, we see a very bright man looking at the way things are from the perspective of a highly developed intellect and clearly a great deal of thought and reason arriving at the conclusions within the framework of his arguments. He concludes that abundance is inevitable because of the nature of a kind of evolving collective consciousness and more simply, technology itself.

We arrive at the same conclusion based on a different premise and from a different perspective.

Our premise is that abundance is the natural default of the Universe. It always has been. The only thing in the Universe that deviates from that is the human mind – thought – and it is inevitable that we will eventually get our thinking straight.

Descartes almost had it right:

“I think, therefore I am.” He had the right words in the wrong order. I Am, therefore I think.”

Diamandis is brilliant like a Bucky Fuller or a Marshall Thurber.

Abundance is the Future.

I AM Michael Barrett.

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