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Healthy Wealthy Boomer and a Chick Corea Video…

Healthy Wealthy Boomer Talks about Chick Corea and a YouTube Video

In the video Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Lenny White play 500 Miles High in 1982.

Right about 19, I became a Chick Corea fan. As a starving student, the only decent stereo sound I had was a Pioneer cassette player in my 61 Chevy pickup. When I got the Return to Forever cassette, I often sat in the parking area behind the apartment building and listened to the entire album once or twice per evening.

In about 8 months I wore out that original cassette.

Hearing these brilliant musicians on this YouTube video brings back some of my finest memories. I can feel what it felt like to be alive in 1982 again.


Hearing this music again almost gives me goose bumps. At the time, very few of my friends appreciated Chick Corea as much as I did. That might still be true today. But I don’t hold that against anybody. After all just because someone doesn’t agree with me simply means that they don’t understand the truth yet (lol) 😉 😉

Chick Corea is an acquired taste like fine espresso. It takes a refined palate to appreciate it fully and in the manner where quality is appropriately served up and presented. In order for a gift to be given, it must be received fully. Some people just don’t like this flavor. I do.

Hope you enjoy this snippet of musical genius from the past.

I AM Michael Barrett.

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