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Healthy Wealthy Boomer Mission Video…

Introduction to Michael Barrett and the Healthy Wealthy Boomer concept.

The actual development of the Healthy Wealthy Boomer philosophy evolved from 1971 to present. This philosophy is expanded in the book: Healthy Wealthy Boomer: The Plan to Make the 2nd 50 Years Better than the 1st.

The Healthy Wealthy Boomer Mission:
To empower you to comprehensively recreate your life and start living the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of – one of exceptional health, abundance, comfort, joy, excitement and peace of mind.


In this 2010 Video Michael Barrett describes the Healthy Wealthy Boomer Mission

Richard Bach – the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull – said,
“You teach best what you most need to learn.”

Nothing Can Change Who You Really Are…

Ultimately, there is really nothing that we or anyone else can do – or say – that will change who you are because there is nothing you need to change. Underneath the confusion, emotional trauma, and the dings and glitches, you are perfect and whole and you were born that way.

How can any of us change perfection?

The basic premises of the Healthy Wealthy Boomer philosophy are:

  1. Health means physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial, strength balance, and tone. 
  2. The basis of real wealth is health.
  3. The mind, emotion, energy and physical body are an integrated holistic system and each of the parts affect the others. Health is a well tuned system and most of it is not physical – yet the physical is very important.

Regarding baby boomer health much of today’s communication focus – on the internet and in the media –  is not about being healthy. Mainstream philosophy is based on preparing for the worst and the assumption that it is inevitable that every one is going to be sick. We will become feeble both physically and mentally as we age.

Certainly healthcare is not about being healthy or dis-ease prevention, it’s all about managing disease. We weren’t born to die, we were born to live. So get up and start living.

We Get Better With Age…

In contrast, we make the assumption that we’re going to be well. Healthy Wealthy Boomer thinking says that we get better with age, like a good cheese or wine. Rather than bracing for illness and learning how to manage dis-ease we accept the fact that not only does life begin at 40, we start to get a handle on what is going on around 50.

We’re not wearing out, we’re just breaking in. Not only that it is clear now that with some lifestyle and attitudinal changes we can begin to reverse the aging process and actually change our physiology.

Aging is a thing to celebrate, honor and respect as is the human body. Health is a choice and choosing to be healthy is a prerequisite to an exciting, bountiful and powerful second half of life.

About the Financial Component of Health…

Aside from feeling good physically and being able, mobile and active, what fun is being broke and dependent as we get older?

It isn’t and it is not a value that makes sense. The natural default of the universe is energetic strength and abundance. Many people start careers and become successful after age 60.

What’s holding us back other than our own perceptions of limitations?  Nothing…

Live Workshops, Training and Coaching

We offer live workshops teaching these principles and actually doing the work as a group so that participants can walk away with both a set of tools for daily living and a working knowledge of how to use them.

At Healthy Wealthy Boomer we have created a 90 day guide to take the first step:

Look Better and Feel Better in 90 Days. It is a companion workbook for the main book: Healthy Wealthy Boomer: The Boomer Plan for Making the 2nd 50 Years Better than the 1st and to our workshops.

Stop Thinking Old and Snap Out of the “Getting Sick” Mindset.

Anyone can change – at any time. I am living proof of this and I have learned to walk my talk and I know people a lot older than me with tons of energy.

We look forward to your feedback and working with you personally.

We’d love your feedback on the posts and your comments, input and contributions about ideas, content and suggestions.

I AM Michael Barrett and I’m Awesome Just Like You.


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