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Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock 1957 colour

Elvis is hard to beat – always been my favorite…

There is also a version done here by Tom Jones, the Blues Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis and ZZ Top below. Musically the bank members in the Blues Brothers group was pretty awesome – drums, keyboards and sax… Vocals are weak but cool and Tom Jones vocal is pretty awesome. And Jerry Lew Lewis is pretty awesome.

Which one do you like?

This little dude seem to agree.  What do you think?

Classics withstand the test of time, yes? Doesn’t seem to matter what year or what age.

Blue Brother’s Version…

Tom Jones’s Version of Jail House Rock

Great band in this one and nice arrangement.

Jerry Lee Lewis – Jailhouse Rock live in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival (Toronto, 1969)

ZZ Top – Jail House Rock

Here’s ZZ Tops’s version…


Healthy Wealthy Boomer – Jim Carrey Awakening

In this short 2 min 31 sec video, Jim Carrey talks about “Awakening”.

He is much more than baby boomer born in 1962, a regular guy who thought about getting a job in the steel mill where he grew up. He is a man who has worked his way to the top, through all the struggle and mistakes, and persisted until he succeeded. Jim Carrey is a healthy wealthy boomer role model.

Here we get to know him in a new way and there is a good message.

Carrey’s presentation offers reverence, sincerity and a recognition of something magnificent. Simultaneously he seems almost shy talking about his experience. There is both a tone of authenticity and humility. Seeing him expose a new part of himself we get a sense of childlike awkwardness coupled with truth.

A  favorite character role that Carrey portrayed on screen was  in the “Mask”.  The persona he created in this movie, Stanley Ipkiss, typifies the contrast to achieving in the face of adversity versus our resistance to take the risk necessary to do so. Ironically, the word “persona” derived from Latin, where it originally referred to a theatrical mask.

Eleanor Roosevelt said:

“What could we accomplish if we knew we could not fail?”

And she also said:

“We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.” Source: Eleanor Roosevelt

Read more: Jim Carrey Awakening

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Healthy Boomer.


Healthy Wealthy Boomer: How to Shift a Negative Emotion

Ever notice how some people never seem to be negative very often and how they can shift from negative to positive very quickly – in the midst of a difficult situation – and how others can’t?

We are always on the lookout for methods that work.

Learning to control – or shift – emotional responses is a success tool and a form of emotional health. To be a healthy wealthy boomer, we need to learn how to control and modify our emotions on command rather than allow them to run our lives. We can learn to control our emotions in a healthy and productive way rather than letting them control us or create predetermined behavior and responses to the world around us as it happens.

This is a segment of a post about how to practice the process of pivoting:

Negative emotions impact how we live our daily lives.  Most of us have a tendency to immerse ourselves in the negative when something triggers them – what someone else says or does, or a memory of something negative related to what is happening or being said.

What we see over and over again in our live workshops or private sessions with clients is that everybody experiences negative emotions yet few people arrive with effective methods for dealing with them. Part of our work includes systematically removing energy distortions that trigger negative conditioned responses. We get to the root cause and clear it out similar  to running a defrag program on a Windows lap top.

You can read the rest of the post: how to shift a negative emotion here.

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Healthy Boomer.


Healthy Wealthy Boomer: The Government Can…

In this election year, we could all use a little humor in the face of Politics because if everybody took it seriously, it would make life miserable.

Here is a tongue in cheek look at how the “government can”. This is a piece from comedian Tim Hawkins.

What is a healthy wealthy boomer without a sense of humor? Laughter is important for health.  What is the alternative if you can’t laugh at the ridiculous?

This guy’s pretty funny…

I’m going to watch some other stuff he has done.

What do you think?


Jim Carey – How Wealthy People Laugh

Here is a healthy wealthy boomer with a sense of humor.

Jim Carey on David Letterman speaking about his newly found wealth. This lasts about a minute.

Do you really tell people what you think? Or what they want to hear?

One of the things that makes Carey so fun is how he relates to the world the same way the people watching him do. Most of us can think of a situation where we would love to ham it up and embarrass the “jerk” at the party telling really bad jokes – only nobody says anything because he is the boss or the guy throwing the party.


Wealthy Boomer Reviews “Millionaire Teacher”

The title of this book: “Millionaire Teacher” caught my attention in a review by John Chevreau on Wealthy Boomer.

Here’s a video of author Andrew Hallam to get a sense of who he is.

Andrew Hallam

Millionaire Teacher | Wealthy Boomer | Financial Post


While he is Canadian, Hallam teaches in Singapore, where he does NOT enjoy a DB pension. So his tale of amassing $1 million before age 40 is a little more interesting than the average Canadian teacher arriving at Freedom 55 millionaire status solely by a DB pension. 

Chevreau describes how Hallam wrote the book from a hospital bed during a bout with cancer in 2009. It’s an informative article about an interesting man who created a 9 step method for teachers (who teach over seas) to create a retirement portfolio that makes sense.

This subject of financial intelligence for teachers reminds me of Robert Kiyosaki’s motivation to provide financial education to the masses. That motivation was seeing his father (the well paid head of the educational system in Hawaii) struggle with money throughout his life and particularly as he got older.

Hallam expands the idea of teaching the principles of financial intelligence to the world of educators. And from my reading of Robert Kiyosaki’s work, I’m certain that Kiyosaki would validate Hallam’s warning about financial services sales people.

And we at Healthy Welahty Boomer would add one more recommendation to Hallam’s advice to teachers:

Buy the Cash Flow Board Game from Rich Dad Company and PLAY IT OFTEN.

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Baby Boomer.


What defines a Wealthy Boomer?

Have we forgotten compassion? Have we forgotten simple kindness? Every Baby Boomer wants to live a life without lack, one of abundance and comfort – enjoying the love of family and friends. How much do we care and what are we doing about it?

Change For A Dollar tells the story of “the forgotten man”.

It reminds me of another video about the forgotten man that we watch on a regular basis. It’s a movie with William Powell made in 1937 during the tail end of the Great Depression called “My Man Godfrey“. While classified as a comedy, it really is a story of compassion and helping people stand on their own two feet.

Sometimes it seems that we Baby Boomers have lost touch with who we really are. We have forgotten – amid the busy-ness of life – to remember gratitude, and loving kindness to the others around us as we scurry around in our lives. This week I watched a video clip where the speaker said:

“I have learned that we are loveable because we are human beings not human doings.”

We have learned – too often – to take things for granted, or the value of family, or gratitude for what we do have.

Seeing a video like this reminds me how important it is to be grateful and compassionate about how many people face difficulties today that did not exist 20 years ago. And yet it is virtually the same struggle that has been going on for centuries. Change for a Dollar is about a helping hand, a smile, and “hand-up” when we need it – and mostly seeing people, really seeing them. It is about the loneliness of being invisible.

Being the catalyst that triggers expansion is the type of change we need, not just change for the sake of it. Effective change requires purpose and compassion and gratitude and vision. We can lose the material stuff, we can lose our direction –  fall off our path and make bad decisions along the way – without losing our integrity.

Do we throw in the towel or ask our self what can I do about this?

It touches my heart to watch this video and reminds how many times I forget to remember who I AM and what I am grateful for.

Little things do make a difference.

Without compassion, without gratitude and without kindness, what does abundance mean? This is the character part of the wealthy boomer – and what is wealth without character?  It’s like living in an empty shell –  living an empty life.

This video reminds me what it is about helping people that truly brings me joy and that this is the work I love. It shines the light of hope on humanity.

Ask yourself, “What type of change can I make for a dollar?” If you like this video – you can donate a dollar at the end. I did.

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Certified Core Health Facilitator.


Healthy Wealthy Boomer Abundance Video

Healthy Wealthy Boomer Abundance Video

Abundance is the natural default of the Universe only you would never know that watching CBS or CNN or reading the New York Times or the LA Times, attending most churches or listening to politicians, but it is anyway. We were born 100% worthy of anything and everything we desire.

I love the message and have had this on various blogs over the last five years.



Enjoy the video and watch it occasionally to remind yourself that it’s cool to be rich and nobody else has to suffer because you are.

You’re supposed to be rich…

Abundance is awesome.

Here is a quote I first heard from Mae West in a movie one time:

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor; rich is better”

This insightful bit of personal financial wisdom has been credited to entertainer Sophie Tucker, comedian Joe E. Lewis, comedienne Fanny Brice, actresss Mae West and many others.

Beatrice Kaufman, the wife of playwright George S. Kaufman, definitely said it, recorded in print by New York entertainment columnist Leonard Lyons in the May 12, 1937 Washington (DC)Post.”

Source: http://www.barrypopik.com/index.php/new_york_city/


I have never had a broke person give me a job when I need to work. There is nothing noble about suffering and poverty.  That is simply not true and is a distortion.

Money is cool. You can always have all you want and there will always be enough for everybody else.

Healthy Wealthy Boomer Abundance Video.



Healthy Wealthy Boomer: Dr. Mickey Barber is the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) and CEO of Cenegenics Carolinas.

This is a very well done corporate “video business card or brochure” created by Charleston Magazine and yet it is good journalism. What this doctor (and others in the field of Age Management Medicine are doing) is appealing and is in alignment with the idea of disease prevenation versus disease management. So Dr Barber qualifies personally as a healthy wealthy boomer candidate and boomer role model.

Focusing on prevention is a drum we have beating a long time and is a core principle in the Healthy Wealthy Boomer philosophy.

The aspect that appeals to me most about Dr. Barber is authenticity. Her work and her desire to practice A.M.M. (Age Management Medicine) has roots in her own experience. In her forties, as a practicing physician, she became ill and did not resolve her own illness until she had success with A.M.M. interventions.

Her program combines exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and hormonal balance for men and women. This emphasis is indicative of a shift in the field of anti-aging medicine from disease management to prevention. So a mainstream definition of longevity is gradually taking on new meaning. It is no longer just “staying alive longer” or life extension, it is also beginning to mean being healthy and vital while doing it. This is both a pleasing and positive mainstream medicine philosophical shift.

Watch her video and see if you agree that her authenticity comes through. It seems that Dr Barber is sincere and loves her work because she has personal experience with her methods. Also the technology Dr Barber uses in the clinic is state of the art and impressive. This appears to be a really good application of technology combined with preventive medicine and a big plus for boomer health.

Another way to “be-come” a healthy wealthy boomer.

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Healthy Boomer.


Healthy Wealthy Boomer and Costa Rica…

Healthy Wealthy  Boomer November Updates + Costa Rica

2011 has gone by fast – another amazing year.

The Two Year Mark as Core Health and Heart Forgiveness Facilitator

We are completing our second full year of Core Health and Heart Forgiveness Workshops and what an exciting and joyful experience that has been. Changing peoples’ live through self in-powerment as they walk away free of years of conflict, emotional trauma and dysfunction – being in sync for the first time for a long time.

Kind of an energy tuneup and a major internal spring cleaning – all wrapped up into one.We have seen dramatic changes across a broad intersection of demographics working with people from age 11 – 82 from all walks of life.

What a joy and what a fortunate experience in our lives – not just as facilitators either. The Core Health work has changed our lives too in many ways too many to mention in a short post. Amazing life transformation about sums it up.

Costa Rica Bound…

Effective Dec 1, we are heading to Costa Rica to head up Nueva Vida Health and Wellness Center and operate sixty day rehabilitation retreats for the treatment of addiction using Core Health as a primary tool to facilitate wellness.

Addiction touches most families today including addictions to pain killers after a surgery or physical trauma. Our sixty day retreats offer a quiet, private and professional approach to treatment of addiction in a beautiful environment .

In any case, stop in an say hello when you’re in our neck of the woods.

Wishing you the best of Holidays in 2011 and an amazing 2012.

I Am Michael Barrett and I AM a Healthy Boomer

Michael and Alexandra Barrett run the Nueva Vida Health and Wellness Center in Costa Rica.