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Urban Farming – Organics

Urban Farming is really starting to take off.


Urban Organic took over the old Hamm’s Brewery building in St Paul that had been empty since 1997 .

They setup an aquaponics operation that will be able to produce 1,000,000 pounds of fresh organic produce a year when it reaches full capacity using a 9000 square foot footprint.

Check out this news clip…

This is the kind of news that I want to see more of. It’s awesome when free enterprise creates value and high quality products for the consumer.

The technology to create aquaponics on a local level is really quite inexpensive and practical. This can easily be set up on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis and on an individual basis. And if you work together in the neighborhood, you can each grow different varieties of produce and trade them.

Urban farming for locally grown organic produce just makes good sense.

Love this story – pass it along.

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