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Wealthy Boomer – Are You Funny with Money?

Are You Funny with Money? Most people are – even a Wealthy Boomer…

Are YOU Funny with Money?

Did you know that most people go weak around money? Even people with a lot of it. What does that mean? Let’s talk about it.

Human Consciousness is a weird animal and a very interesting one. What makes us tick? What drives us internally to do this or not do that? In this post we take a look at how people respond to money “energetically” and why.

What drives a subconscious response to money that makes us weak or makes us strong? How does that happen and what does that mean?

Money is closely connected to identity – how we see ourself and perhaps – more importantly – how we think others see us. Internally, we desire to be:

  • accepted
  • recognized and
  • appreciated

And actually it’s more than desire. It is an underlying drive – a compelling force within that overrides conscious thought by activating internal defaults that affect behavior and thinking patterns.

In other words, we really don’t have a choice in the matter until we change the defaults.

These defaults – or system glitches – affect everything we do, not just money. However, being Funny with Money is a very specific topic. In today’s world, money plays such a key role in our lives. It affects what kind of neighborhood we live in, how we spend our time, our effectiveness and what choices we are able to make.  Our relationship to money establishes where we fit into the world around us, how we see ourself within that world and how others see us.

Is it any surprise that self esteem is directly tied to this perception? And yet, it goes way beyond self esteem. It is part of our identity – who we really actually are energetically.  Self esteem is not synonymous with identity, yet it is a component of identity, and an important one.

How Do We Know if We Are Funny With Money?

You may be familiar with muscle testing. We measure the body’s response to money using a variation of muscle testing called comprehensive kinesiology. The person’s arm stays strong or goes weak when pressure is applied to the extended arm as money gets closer to their body.

We facilitate a workshop that guides the participants through a series of processes that clear a person’s “weakness to money”.  The defaults and glitches that trigger that type of physical response are removed or more accurately “reset” back to natural, the way we were as a young child – before all the emotional trauma and training became part of the system.

Are You Funny With Money is a powerful stand alone 3 session workshop created by Dr. Ed Carlson. It is one of several Core Health Workshops. We facilitate this live interactive workshop – with 10-15 people at a time.

In this economy and with the current financial situation worldwide, doesn’t it make sense to you not to be weak around money? It does to me.

Get more information about Wealthy Boomer – Funny With Money Workshops.

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Core Health Facilitator.

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