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Weight Training – Middle Aged Men Improve Bone Density

Just read an interesting article from Mercola about men’s health.

In summary it says that 60-120 minutes a week of weight lifting increased bone density among middle aged males after 6 months.

You can read the whole aticle here:  Targeted Workouts Can Strengthen Men’s Bones in Middle Age

That’s only one to two hours a week of work out.

It also said that jumping improved bone density in the hips specifically. It’s cool that we just picked up a mini-trampoline in perfect shape for $10 a couple of weeks ago.

Good to know this stuff.

What are you going to do about it? I have been planning on doing some upper body work to counteract several upper body inuries in thelast 10 years anyway. Now I have even greater incentive. Strong bones matter latter and they factor into longevity by creating natural injury resistance as we get older. Strength plays a big role in balance, posture and overall structure as we age.

Have a great day.

Michael Barrett
Workshop Facilitator, Energy Transformation Coach, Writer

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